i know You're wondering...

who the hell is this chick?

Ok...I had a pretty average childhood...lower income household, parents who split, some shitty experiences as I group up...the usual kind of "stories".

I always loved horses and wanted to work with them when I grew up. Wanting to be a "farmer's wife" so I could run a horse riding business - the same as the one I loved going to as a kid.

I was told instead by my dad to get a normal job, "become a nurse or something".

My family had no business sense, no big dreams that looked outside of getting a 9-5 and doing what the next person was doing.

Just follow the crowd, become a sheep.

And so I did for a long long time...

Got good grades.

Went to Uni and studied what I "should" study.

Quit Uni.

Became a single-mum at age 20.

Studied Psychology (to try and sort my messy head out).

Worked in a boring 9-5 Government job.

Studied teaching.

Taught for 7 years (jeez was it only 7 - it felt like double that!!)


I loved it in so so so many ways.

Passionate about seeing the best in my students.

I invested my soul.

And, lost myself in the culture of busy, people pleasing, putting others before my family, having no boundaries, being manipulated and bullied by a system that tells a teacher

to keep working these hours "because you get holidays".

An absolute bull shit system that had me drinking too much, wondering if I could have an accident to get some time off work, hating myself as a mother and a wife...to the point where I could hear ringing in my ears as my workload buzzed around in my head.

All year round. No time off in the holidays, as I expected.


The 2 most prominent and amazing words

I have ever needed and rejoiced in saying!!!

I started my own business, training horses and their owners.


Did I learn a whole lot that I didn't know about business!!!

Some of it the ins and outs of business - websites, invoices, ABN's, the Tax office....

But mostly, that I had a...


I brought my people pleasing skills with me.

I had no boundaries.

I had fear about putting myself out there.

I hated being judged, challenged, questioned or rejected.

Sell? I hated selling!!

Money issues - was I really able to ask for $50 for something I was offering??

I was a mess!!!!

My business was a mess!!!!

All good things come in times of stress!

Studying my practitioner training in NLP is where everything changed for me.

It was the tools and techniques I had been looking for since my study of Psychology 20 years earlier.

I finally knew how to get rid of the blocks that stopped me doing what I wanted.

I could tell people a big fat NO when they crossed my boundaries.

I looked after me, my family and my time more than ever before.

I got back the freedom I had been craving for so so so many years.

And began sharing this with others!!!