No, not like you've seen on TV!!

Hypnosis is an amazing tool to change those deep thinking patterns and beliefs.​

Our unconscious mind drives approximately 95% of our

behaviour everyday.

The conscious mind only 5%.

So that means, 95% of what you do is unconscious and up to the same filters and patterns that are already in your unconscious. 

Do you wish you could quieten "that voice"?

The one that keeps it's chatter going...it might be really unhelpful and actually pretty nasty at times...​

"You can't do it"

"You aren't good enough"

"You should be better by now"

"You won't ever achieve that"​

EVERYTHING you say to yourself becomes an instruction to your unconscious mind

Which means - you can reprogram what you feel, how you act and the decisions you make based on what you TELL yourself.​

This includes confidence, performance, eating habits, bad habits (too much scrolling, hitting the snooze button...)

Other Benefits Hypnosis has for women:


Hypnosis is learning how to relax. How to silence the chatter and allow your body to go into the parasympathetic nervous system.  When you feel safe and relaxed, your body can work at its absolute peak - meaning it can help with digestion, sleep, releasing tension and stress. ​

Performance Enhancement

Got a specific goal you want to achieve? Hypnosis sessions target specifically your dreams and goals. Include putting your goal into your future using Time Line Therapy® and you will be set to

anxiety & nerves

Using NLP and hypnosis is a sure way to reduce your nerves and anxiety. There is a process of doing anxiety and some simple techniques to reduce the effects of them - in fact, you can clear anxiety of an event in under 5 minutes!

change habits

Hypnosis is an amazing tool to change up any unwanted behaviour you might have going for you. Whether that's as simple as hitting the snooze button, bingeing on Netflix instead of riding, or smoking and eating too much chocolate, hypnosis changes these patterns at the deep deep level. 

You can:

- Lose Weight

- Stop smoking

- Feel more motivated

- Reduce tension

- Feel empowered

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in contact with Pam today and book your spot and get ready to change your thinking!

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