1:1 Coaching

In 5 weeks you will work out what is getting in your way to being the power house that you want to be.


This session is all about finding out what exactly we are working on. Unpacking the problem to get to the root of it! Think a service of your car. We're going in and we're going to find out what's happening under the hood, leaving no part unturned.


We get clear on your values. What is important to you and what do you want to have instead.

Values are like nothing you've ever thought of before. We're going to uncover the real reason you are motivated (or not) in your behaviour.


The clean up! Like booking your car in for all the jobs that were found under the hood. This is the session where we clean up baggage, take away the heaviness you've been carrying around with you up til now...and let you breathe more easily. We're using NLP techniques and Time Line Therapy® - which means, there is no re-visiting the CONTENT of your past - only clearing the emotions and beliefs that you have around them.

A clever and enlightening process!


Adding in new strategies. The best thing about NLP, is the variety of techniques we have available for us to play with. Whatever suits you best and whatever will get us the new results for your future, ongoing thinking.


Cement the changes and finish with certainty, using visualisation techniques and hypnosis.

All work with Pam comes with a complete money back guarantee.

If you complete the steps in the program, you will have an amazing transformation, guaranteed.

If not, you get your money back!

Or, if you want the biggest shift to your way of thinking PLUS the ability to help others, then you will want to join our NLP trainings!

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