about the trainings

With an absolute love of teaching and training, I am passionate about supporting your growth in trainings and ensuring you get the most out of our time together.

Laughter, fun, new insights, new thinking, growth in a safe and supportive environment are all values that you will experience throughout trainings.

Expect to meet life-long friends and connections that you treasure from now on.

I deliver training with excellence, designed around three core principles: FUN, SUPPORT, and a high standard of teaching.

All the training sessions are online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home - cats and dogs welcome to join!! ūü§£

This flexibility means you can easily fit your learning around your busy schedule without the need to commute or travel to a training room.

As an experienced teacher and coach, I ensure you receive comprehensive knowledge of NLP training, with guidance and support at every stage.

You'll gain practical skills and insights that you can immediately apply to transform your career and personal life.

(PS. I achieved 100% on the gruelling 8-hour Trainer's Training Test! Wowsers, you're in good hands!!)

Expect lots of laughter!

A sense of humour is key to the learning process.

Laughter and joy make learning more effective and enjoyable, helping you retain information better and stay motivated.

(Those without a sense of humour, need not apply!!)

By the end of the training, you will receive 4 certifications in one program, giving you a versatile skill set that can open multiple career paths and opportunities to help others:

NLP Practitioner:

Master techniques to understand and influence human behavior, improving your communication skills and personal effectiveness.


Learn how to use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, helping yourself and others to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

Time Line Therapy¬ģ:

Gain the ability to help clients release negative emotions and limiting decisions, empowering them to create a compelling future.

NLP Coaching:

Develop coaching skills that enable you to guide others to success and personal fulfilment.

Click on the trainings below to find out more about each certificate and start your journey towards a transformative career change.

Upcoming Training Dates:

3 Day Modern Hypnosis Certification

9th-11th August 2024

20th-22nd September 2024

NLP Practitioner Training

2nd-8th September 2024

NLP Master Practitioner Training

Week 1: 14th-20th October 2024

Week 2: 4th-10th November 2024

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