NLP Master Practitioner


Take your NLP journey to the next level of knowledge and understanding.

Covering again the 4 modalities, you'll become a

MASTER Practitioner in the following:

- NLP Master Practitioner

- Hypnotherapy

- Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner

- NLP Master Coach

In the 14 day Master Practitioner training, you will learn:

Quantum Linguistics

Quantum what? This section dives into the power of language. How certain phrases can be used to get results, negotiate, and be used to blow out problems in their head. Plus - one of the key parts of using language - the use of metaphors! This is a game changer in communication.


What do you value and where did they come from? How can we find them in others and what is the impact of knowing yours and others values? You may be surprised in how values shape our behaviour.

Corporate Values

Looking at the advanced power of values and how they impact corporations success. You come away with a process that enables you to understand and use Meta Programs - an in depth understanding of what motivates, interests, and creates action in a business. Combining Myers Briggs with Values you leave with an inventory to give employees and employers to assess their skillset.

Communication Styles

We're all individuals. Agreed. And yet, in many situations, we're all communicated in one way. And that's the person delivering it's way only! How useful would it be, to know the style of the person you're talking to and use their same style to deliver your message effectively.


How to deliver clear trainings, in a format that works for everyone. This includes modelling, delivering a clear training or presentation with a structure that ensures your message meets everyone's needs.


Learn about the benefits of knowing

Sleight Of Mouth!

This ability to reframe gives you many advantages in giving new ways of seeing a situation and interpreting an event.



All behaviour has a strategy. Getting up, eating, how you work, how you decide what clothes to wear...everything we do has a strategy. That means, if you've got a strategy that isn't working - you can change it!

Time Line Therapy®

At Master Practitioner level, you'll step into a deeper understanding of Time Line Therapy® The techniques you'll add onto your knowledge at this level will open up your ability and confidence to help all problems that clients present.


At Master Practitioner level, you learn Eriksonian Hypnosis and Elman Hypnosis techniques. We add onto your knowledge by showing you full-body catalepsy, deepening techniques and using the pendulum for aiding health and wellbeing AND weight loss ,

I have to mention the amazing BOARD BREAKING or SPOON BENDING you will experience! It is one of the most fun parts of the training. You'll overcome that voice of doubt and see the true power in your thinking (and modelling!!)

And yep...that's me 👉when I completed my Master Prac and overcame my self-doubt on what I could or couldn't do!! I was a bit excited!!

Plus, you'll come away with a clear process on how to conduct a detailed Breakthrough Process AND get to experience a Breakthrough session yourself throughout the 14 days.

Any certified NLP Practitioner can apply to join our next

Master Practitioner Training.

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