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All trainings are full immersion! This means you get to experience the benefits of the techniques firsthand, as a client.

I encourage all students to come with REAL PROBLEMS they want solving. If you're anything like me, you might have a list as long as your arm!!

Any area of your life that you would like to see big changes - this could be in your business, career, relationship, parenting, or your health goals.

I want to work on real problems to show you the real impact of these techniques.

What this also means...is that you practice being a Practitioner. I want you to leave knowing with certainty that you can get results for your clients.

I invite practice, mistakes, and learnings throughout the trainings.

Teaching for over 7 years ensures I create an environment where students feel safe and supported to work their way through the exercises - and always come out with new understandings.

In the 7 days, plus pre-study components, you will gain 4 internationally recognised Certifications:

- NLP Practitioner

- Time Line Therapy®

- Hypnotherapist

- NLP Coaching

What you will learn in the

NLP Practitioner Training:


People like people who are like them.

Would you like to walk into a room and be able to connect quickly with anyone?

No more awkwardness, no more feeling like conversations are hard!

Rapport is one of the foundations of NLP and changes your basic interactions with everyone you have to communicate with.

Sensory Acuity

Once you know how to build rapport, what are you looking for to know if you have it - or not?

Sensory acuity is a way to look for detail in what the other person is doing - their facial features, their posture, their gestures...the minute changes that they make from moment to moment.

Eye Patterns

Are they lying to me???

Have you always wanted to know this?

Learning about eye patterns is one of those light bulb moments - we think we can tell what someone is doing in their head - but can we really?

Language - Predicates

Predicates are the words that we use to describe our inner world to the outside world. We experience the world through our 5 senses, referred to as representational systems. We all have our preferred representational system.

Knowing them, helps us understand learning styles, how we can communicate better with others, and how information lands for us.


Communication Model

This is an absolute game changer! Understanding how we receive information - what we take in, what we leave out and WHY we do this, will completely change how you see the world around you. It's like finally realising why you act in certain ways or why you've chosen particular responses to events and experiences. PLUS, you get to see how you become more in control in this process - by making big changes on the inside!

Conscious Vs Unconscious Thinking

One of the main learnings that run through the whole training is the difference between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind - and how we get them into alignment. You will learn the Prime Directives (or the main job) of the unconscious mind and how those directives impact your behaviour.

Cause & Effect

Who is in charge of your world?

What if you could take charge of everything that happens to you?

Cause and effect is key in taking the reins in life and being empowered to do what we want to do, no matter our current situation.


Would you like to control how you feel, in any moment?

Anchoring gives you a button (yes, an actual button!) that you can press to feel strong, confident, certain and read for action. A simple technique but a powerful one!!

Swish & Like-To-Dislike

Using the pictures we see in our minds, we can change how we react to certain triggers.

A food you don't want to eat anymore? You can change it! A habit you don't want to do anymore? We can change it!!

Meta Model

What we say, the specific words we use can change how we see something, how we respond to it and how we feel. By learning the tricks of particular language, you will be able to use your language carefully and specifically and uncover for others, what they are really saying (or not!)



One of the modalities you learn is hypnosis. Nope, not with a clucking like a chicken intention! The intention of helping you relax, switch off that chatter in your head and enter positive, productive and powerful language into your thinking.


Confrontation and conflict! This can be a hard part of dealing with people.

What if you had some subtle language skills that you could use to help navigate tricky situations?

This topic is so useful for parents, sales, dealing with work situations or conflicts.

Milton Model

Did you know, that certain language patterns can help you feel motivated and alert OR a little bit sleepy and trance like?

Learning Milton Model language patterns is a great way to communicate in particular ways to ensure you get your message across clearly and without resistance.

Parts Integration

You know when you have that feeling inside, that you can't make up your mind? Part of you wants one thing and part of you wants another?

This powerful technique brings you back into alignment. You no longer need to feel in conflict with yourself! Oh, and it takes about 10 minutes to change something that you might have 'always' had with you!


Every behaviour has a strategy, from getting up in the morning to brushing your teeth.

If you have a behaviour that you would like to change, perhaps a bad habit or 2, once we know your strategy...we can change it to a more productive one!

Time Line Therapy®

One of the most powerful techniques in all that you will learn! Time Line Therapy® is a process that lets go of old emotion from the past, the stuff you've been carrying around with you for years and years. It's content free, meaning you don't have to re-hash nasty events or trauma that you've experienced in your life. Using Time Line Therapy also involves clearing your limiting beliefs and putting with certainty your goals into your future - visualisation on steroids!


One of the most common problems with some coaching problems is that the student doesn't feel equipped to actually 'coach' when they complete the program and enter the real world! The focus in the training is to ensure you have the tools and techniques to go and coach - whether that's in education, business or therapy, you will have the skills to get started.


For many of our students, owning their own business is a new concept. We include time to go over start-ups, marketing and planning your future. Because of all of the tools you have in your toolkit, any obstacles that you feel in your mindset can be taken care of, leaving you free to go for what you want in life!


Supporting students to succeed after the training is my

TOP priority

All of my trainings include a lifetime access to the

Graduates Coaching Program PLUS 6 months mentoring to support you in the 'From the Ground Up' business program.

This includes:

- 2x 1:1 calls a month

- 7 tutorials on all things business

- 1 Q&A session a week

I want to see you succeed and am there to support you every step of the way!

All designed to suit YOUR needs to create a business you love and can live off.

Your success is my success!

Do I need a certain level of qualifications to attend?

Nope! I recognise that we all come from a diverse background and that qualifications are not the be-all and end-all.

I haven't studied for a while. Will I find the content difficult?

The content is new for everyone, some of the jargon that you encounter will first seem foreign. I promise that by the end of the training, you will have an understanding of all of the terms that you come across - or, know where to find the answers to these terms.

I wasn't "academic" at school. Will it suit my learning style?

One of the GOLD moments in NLP is the way it is delivered to meet each person's learning style. You will find that I am thorough at teaching the concepts until I'm certain all students have understood. I welcome questions and have enough flexibility and experience to adjust as needed. School has often given students a negative view on their own ability to learn - after Practitioner Training, many students come away with a newfound confidence in their ability to learn ANY new concept!

What will the certifications get me at the end of the Training?

You will receive certifications from the American Board of NLP, the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Time Line Therapy® Association.

All internationally recognised certifications.

You will be certified in the 4 modalities of:

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Time Line Therapy®

  • NLP Coaching

I don't have any business experience. Do I need experience in business to attend?

No. I give you a business start up guide during the training so you feel confident to start your own coaching or consulting business.

I don't want to be a coach. Will NLP Practitioner Training still help me?

Yes! People who study NLP have such a profound experience of the changes, that all aspects of their life changes. This means, whether your plan is to go onto coach or not, you will see your lifestyle change because YOU will change! How you choose to use your newfound thinking is up to you.

What's involved with the Pre-study?

The pre-study is 20 hours of audio plus some reading of the books you are sent. Listening to the audio at least once is highly recommended, so you have heard the concepts before you attend the training.

One thing I make very clear - you do not have to know, understand and remember all the concepts that you hear on the audio. It is simply there for you to hear the ideas before attending the training.

You will also receive fortnightly Study Coaching Calls on the lead up to the training with me. This is to help with any study questions you have as you work through the audio.

What if I miss particular days of the Training?

I understand life happens and want you to succeed! I will accommodate as much as possible any time missed by setting tasking.

I can also slot you into particular days on other trainings if I feel you need a 'catch up' day or time.

Do your Trainings come with a guarantee?

All work with Pam, comes with a guarantee. If you follow all of the steps given to you by Pam and don't have any changes to your thinking or your behaviour, then she will work with you until you do! Guaranteed!!

In the highly unlikely event that you don't get the results and don't feel satisfied - I will refund your money, minus the deposit, and wish you all the best with your journey.

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