From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Clarity

When life is feel stuck...lost your purpose...and you're wondering ...

Is This Really All There Is To Life?!

It's time to re-set.

NLP Practitioner Training

The next life-changing

7 Day Training is coming up!

This life-changing training is for you if:

- You're unsure of your true path

- You're looking for clarity and a new direction

- You have past trauma and experiences

that are weighing you down

- You know you are made for more and

want to find that spark again


Change Your Thinking

NLP Practitioner Training

7 Day Event

Only 3 Times A Year

Are you ready to change your life so significantly that you don't recognise the person that you become?

Master NLP Practitioner Training

14 Day Event

Only 1 Event A Year

Building on the solid foundation that is your NLP Practitioner skills, your knowledge will be taken to deeper lengths.
These 14 days see you become a master of your techniques and skills.

Hypnosis Certification Training

3 Day Modern Training

Learn the power of your mind to long lasting change old patterns and habits.

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I don't know what I want to do in life, can you help me?

Absolutely! For so many women, knowing what they want is bundled up in layers - under all the other things they've been prioritising in their lives.

This is what the life-changing training is all about!

It's my job to help you uncover that and pull out the truth of who you are and what you would love to be doing.

Is it worth hiring a coach?

This gets asked a lot! Is it worth it? Only you can answer that! Are you happy with where you are at? Is what you are currently doing getting you the results you want? Are you progressing as quickly as you want to?

For many people that I have worked with, they were in a place where they couldn't see their blocks and their obstacles.

As a coach with expertise in psychology and behaviour, I quickly get to the root of the problem and guide the client into shifting these patterns. Without coaching, clients may have developed new ways of thinking...but how long would that have taken?

They are now equipped with life changing skills to use throughout their life.

What's your guarantee?

All work and trainings with me are guaranteed. If you don't get the result you want in an agreed timeframe, I will work with you until you do! Following all steps in the program and in the trainings will give you the techniques to completely transform your life.

BUT - just as you can't hire a personal trainer and expect them to do the weights for you and for you to see the results - it's not a DO TO process...It's a DO WITH process.

I will kick your a$$ when needed and ultimately -

You are responsible for showing up and putting in the work. If you don't use the techniques, you won't see any changes!

What's the cost?

I am passionate about helping all women from all backgrounds and all budgets to access advice and guidance.

For this reason I give out as much content as I can for FREE!

I want you all to succeed.

I run many free and super-cheap workshops you can attend.

Private coaching varies in price, depending on individual needs, goals and wants.

NLP & Hypnosis Trainings start at $720 and go all the way up to $15,000!

I work closely with a beautiful company that help finance clients who know the power of investing in their own personal growth and wellbeing. Payment plan options can start from as little as $40 a week! (and that's like...roughly, 5 coffees a week?!)

For many women, investing in themselves is not a common practice.

If you knew the impact that improving you will have on those you love, you won't think twice about investing.

Don't let those money blocks get in your way.

Let's chat to make a plan together xx

What is NLP?

NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming (I know, what a name, right!!)

At the most simple terms - NLP is the study of excellence.

Someone getting amazing results? What are they doing, how are they doing it?

Someone achieving something you want? How so? What's their procedure?

Someone doing what you want to do?

What can I learn from them and do it too?

Simply put -how the mind/body/language interaction impacts our behaviour.

Ultimately, NLP asks:

What result do I want?

Why don't I have it now?

Who has achieved what I want to achieve?

How can I get that result?

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Wealth or Health?

When To Prioritise Your Sanity Over Your Salary

August 09, 20234 min read


What keeps many of us from making that career change?

Yep, you guessed it! MONEY!

Our current job might have lost its appeal, but it's stable, secure, reliable, and steady.

There are many things that go through our minds when we consider alternatives...

What would happen to our income?

To our lifestyle?

To our family?

But would leaving or changing careers really be that terrible?

Is it possible to fill our days with more meaning, and to earn as much as we do now?

Is it possible to find purposeful work and not care if it pays us less?

It's not uncommon to feel trapped in a job that no longer aligns with our passions or values.

You might find the pull to do something more meaningful creates a conflict... do I live my purpose OR accept the practicalities of life?

Does stepping into a career change mean sacrificing one for the other?

Will you take a cut in pay?

One of the misconceptions about career change is the assumption that it requires a cut in pay. Who says? Many people who have switched careers have believed in their worth have walked into jobs where they earned more than they did before - and worked less hours! Not only that, but starting their own businesses and becoming their own boss has reaped the rewards in the long term - more than they could ever have achieved working for someone else. What are those other benefits really worth? Personal satisfaction, better work-life balance, and opportunities for growth? The idea that you WILL have to earn less is a belief that you can shift.

Might you need less?

The other part about changing jobs is the likelihood of "needing less". Moving from a burnt out teacher to owning my own business I spent less! I no longer felt this unhappy emptiness inside me, I no longer felt the pull to go out and buy new clothes, new furniture, new shoes - anything material - because I didn't feel so empty on the inside, I didn't have to look eternally to fill the gap.

You can look honestly at your budget and your lifestyle. What could you change if you really wanted more peace at work? What could you sacrifice now, knowing it would be better for you, your family, your wellbeing, in the long run? Being honest about our reality is key to admitting what we are willing to get rid of (or not!) and what is really holding us back. Hint...there will be some deep rooted beliefs here that are holding you back! Perhaps things like "I can't sell my current house and buy a smaller one because the neighbours will think I've failed". Unhelpful thoughts like that!

Wealth Vs Health?

It's crucial to remember that health reigns as the ultimate treasure. While financial stability can provide comfort and security, it's our physical and mental well-being that truly enriches our lives. Good health forms the foundation upon which we can build and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Without it, what is the use of money anyway?

Exit Strategy?

Planning and preparation play pivotal roles in mitigating financial stress during this transition. You don't have to leave in one giant leap without a carefully planned Exit Strategy. Taking small steps every day can lead you to your dream life sooner than you think. The difference a plan can make to your overall wellbeing is huge! Knowing I was planning my exit from the classroom did wonders for my moral! When I was feeling low and stressed out, I could think about my dream and know I was closer each day to getting there. For a worksheet on an effective Exit Strategy, request it here!

Are your ducks in a row?

I am a firm believer that your ducks do NOT have to be in a row before you start your transition. Our minds are like an overprotective parent. Think of those helicopter parents that dictate their poor child's every move!! This overprotective parent is looking for danger at every turn. It doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable, to struggle, to look bad, or to make mistakes. It wants the easy life, to stay in the comfort zone (aka...the Familiar Zone!), and to not take risks.

Growth and comfort do not co-exist

- Ginni Rometty -

You will always grow when you feel out of your comfort zone. You will take more action when you NEED to - rather than coming up with all the excuses as to why you haven't yet.

The saying goes - if you want to take the island, then you have to burn your boats. That way, you have no plan B. This doesn't mean you keep hammering an unsuccessful strategy, more that you keep your eye on the prize, your goal, with no going back, until you get what you are aiming for.

Embracing a career that aligns with your passions and values can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life, both professionally and personally.

Remember, the road to a meaningful career is paved with determination, strategic thinking, and the willingness to embrace change.

So, why not take that step towards a brighter future?

Pam is a former burnout teacher & single-parent. Now as an NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® Trainer & Coach, she’s giving women their power back - let's all design lives we've always dreamed of!

Pam Reid

With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

Pam Reid

With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

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