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Change Your Thinking

NLP Practitioner Training

7 Day Event

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Are you ready to change your life so significantly that you don't recognise the person that you become?

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I don't know what I want to do in life, can you help me?

Absolutely! For so many women, knowing what they want is bundled up in layers - under all the other things they've been prioritising in their lives.

This is what the life-changing training is all about!

It's my job to help you uncover that and pull out the truth of who you are and what you would love to be doing.

Is it worth hiring a coach?

This gets asked a lot! Is it worth it? Only you can answer that! Are you happy with where you are at? Is what you are currently doing getting you the results you want? Are you progressing as quickly as you want to?

For many people that I have worked with, they were in a place where they couldn't see their blocks and their obstacles.

As a coach with expertise in psychology and behaviour, I quickly get to the root of the problem and guide the client into shifting these patterns. Without coaching, clients may have developed new ways of thinking...but how long would that have taken?

They are now equipped with life changing skills to use throughout their life.

What's your guarantee?

All work and trainings with me are guaranteed. If you don't get the result you want in an agreed timeframe, I will work with you until you do! Following all steps in the program and in the trainings will give you the techniques to completely transform your life.

BUT - just as you can't hire a personal trainer and expect them to do the weights for you and for you to see the results - it's not a DO TO process...It's a DO WITH process.

I will kick your a$$ when needed and ultimately -

You are responsible for showing up and putting in the work. If you don't use the techniques, you won't see any changes!

What's the cost?

I am passionate about helping all women from all backgrounds and all budgets to access advice and guidance.

For this reason I give out as much content as I can for FREE!

I want you all to succeed.

I run many free and super-cheap workshops you can attend.

Private coaching varies in price, depending on individual needs, goals and wants.

NLP & Hypnosis Trainings start at $720 and go all the way up to $15,000!

I work closely with a beautiful company that help finance clients who know the power of investing in their own personal growth and wellbeing. Payment plan options can start from as little as $40 a week! (and that's like...roughly, 5 coffees a week?!)

For many women, investing in themselves is not a common practice.

If you knew the impact that improving you will have on those you love, you won't think twice about investing.

Don't let those money blocks get in your way.

Let's chat to make a plan together xx

What is NLP?

NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming (I know, what a name, right!!)

At the most simple terms - NLP is the study of excellence.

Someone getting amazing results? What are they doing, how are they doing it?

Someone achieving something you want? How so? What's their procedure?

Someone doing what you want to do?

What can I learn from them and do it too?

Simply put -how the mind/body/language interaction impacts our behaviour.

Ultimately, NLP asks:

What result do I want?

Why don't I have it now?

Who has achieved what I want to achieve?

How can I get that result?

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Feel the fear

Is It Really Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway?

February 06, 20244 min read

Is It Really Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway??

During my poo picking mornings, I listen to valuable content to get my mind moving.

(Which is a tip in itself! When you're doing something sh!t - literally in this case - combine it with something useful/fun/constructive)

This morning I listened to Ed Mylett interviewing Jen Gottlieb, who has written the book 'Be Seen'.

Loved it!

There were some golden nuggets in there...let me highlight a few and put my lens on them.

Feeling Fear

How fear, as you learn and grow, is always there. 

And it's about shrinking the fear, rather than letting it control you.

Now, I don't believe that we have to live with fear itself (thanks to Time Line Therapy® for that!) but what I take from the feeling of discomfort.

That when we are about to start a new chapter or step into a new role…it feels uncomfortable.

There might be a sense of ‘oh sh1t’ to that…and that’s ok.

There might be a touch of imposter syndrome…and that’s ok.

There might be a touch of anxiety that kicks in...and that's ok.

We have a range of techniques designed to help you overcome those AND as Ed and Jen say – the more you do, the more you bust through some of those beliefs.

And that leads me to beliefs.

Fear of something…for example…fear of looking stupid on camera…fear of upsetting someone…fear of getting trolled…

They are all examples of a limiting belief.

There will be a reason within those sentences that stems from a deeper belief you have.

For example, I had a client who hated the idea of recording herself for her social media.

Would film something, hate watching it back so much she couldn’t edit it – then decide never to post it as it was too bad.

The fear she felt, she said, was the fear of making a mistake.

But there was more to it than that!

It was her limiting beliefs that she had to be perfect at EVERYTHING that was at the root of this feeling.

Once we changed that belief using Time Line Therapy ®, the “fear” was gone.

Owning Your Fear

Which leads me into the discussion about owning your fear.

We know that your unconscious mind’s job is to preserve the body.

So, when something feels uncomfortable, your unconscious mind decides to give you all the feelings as to why you shouldn’t do that anymore.

Jen’s example about the ice bath is a good one.

The idea of jumping into a bucket of freezing cold water, full of ice… is not great!

Most people will instantly think no to that. I would!! 

Your unconscious mind then, sends a whole bunch of emotions to make you pay attention.


Maybe anger.


Perhaps even a touch of sadness.

Whatever pattern you've successfully used before, your mind will go to in times of stress.

Jen said she had a panic attack.


Clever unconscious mind!!

When we realise that our unconscious mind wants to protect us, we can reassure it.

As the parent would to a child…

“hey buddy, it’s all good…this is safe…it’s gonna be hard, it might feel uncomfortable…but you know, we’re gonna be fine…we’re gonna get through this!”

Reassurance to the very part of us that is keeping us safe, keeping us feeling good, is absolute key to moving forwards in moments of discomfort.


Yes! Loved this section so much.

Jen highlighted the difference between LAW OF ATTRACTION and LAW OF ACTION!!

There is so much power in visualising where you want to go and your dreams.

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real event and an imagined one.

(they use the term subconscious…same thing as unconscious mind)

So the more you create an image that feels real, sounds real, and looks real in your head…the more your mind looks for those very opportunities that will help that happen.

However, if you sit on the couch visualising about that new business…and never take any action towards it…

Nothing will happen.

If you visualise AND do the things that you need to DO…

Your world will change!!

There are 3 requisites for change:

1) Clear your baggage

2) Focus on what you want (not on what you don’t want)

3) Take ACTION (including reinforcing your boundaries)

And these are the foundations to lasting change.


A great listen from 2 dedicated professionals in the personal development world.

If you listen to this too, let me know what you think!

With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

Pam Reid

With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

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