From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Clarity

When life is feel stuck...lost your purpose...and you're wondering ...

Is This Really All There Is To Life?!

It's time to re-set.

NLP Practitioner Training

The next life-changing

7 Day Training is coming up!

This life-changing training is for you if:

- You're unsure of your true path

- You're looking for clarity and a new direction

- You have past trauma and experiences

that are weighing you down

- You know you are made for more and

want to find that spark again


Change Your Thinking

NLP Practitioner Training

7 Day Event

Only 3 Times A Year

Are you ready to change your life so significantly that you don't recognise the person that you become?

Master NLP Practitioner Training

14 Day Event

Only 1 Event A Year

Building on the solid foundation that is your NLP Practitioner skills, your knowledge will be taken to deeper lengths.
These 14 days see you become a master of your techniques and skills.

Hypnosis Certification Training

3 Day Modern Training

Learn the power of your mind to long lasting change old patterns and habits.

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I don't know what I want to do in life, can you help me?

Absolutely! For so many women, knowing what they want is bundled up in layers - under all the other things they've been prioritising in their lives.

This is what the life-changing training is all about!

It's my job to help you uncover that and pull out the truth of who you are and what you would love to be doing.

Is it worth hiring a coach?

This gets asked a lot! Is it worth it? Only you can answer that! Are you happy with where you are at? Is what you are currently doing getting you the results you want? Are you progressing as quickly as you want to?

For many people that I have worked with, they were in a place where they couldn't see their blocks and their obstacles.

As a coach with expertise in psychology and behaviour, I quickly get to the root of the problem and guide the client into shifting these patterns. Without coaching, clients may have developed new ways of thinking...but how long would that have taken?

They are now equipped with life changing skills to use throughout their life.

What's your guarantee?

All work and trainings with me are guaranteed. If you don't get the result you want in an agreed timeframe, I will work with you until you do! Following all steps in the program and in the trainings will give you the techniques to completely transform your life.

BUT - just as you can't hire a personal trainer and expect them to do the weights for you and for you to see the results - it's not a DO TO process...It's a DO WITH process.

I will kick your a$$ when needed and ultimately -

You are responsible for showing up and putting in the work. If you don't use the techniques, you won't see any changes!

What's the cost?

I am passionate about helping all women from all backgrounds and all budgets to access advice and guidance.

For this reason I give out as much content as I can for FREE!

I want you all to succeed.

I run many free and super-cheap workshops you can attend.

Private coaching varies in price, depending on individual needs, goals and wants.

NLP & Hypnosis Trainings start at $720 and go all the way up to $15,000!

I work closely with a beautiful company that help finance clients who know the power of investing in their own personal growth and wellbeing. Payment plan options can start from as little as $40 a week! (and that's like...roughly, 5 coffees a week?!)

For many women, investing in themselves is not a common practice.

If you knew the impact that improving you will have on those you love, you won't think twice about investing.

Don't let those money blocks get in your way.

Let's chat to make a plan together xx

What is NLP?

NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming (I know, what a name, right!!)

At the most simple terms - NLP is the study of excellence.

Someone getting amazing results? What are they doing, how are they doing it?

Someone achieving something you want? How so? What's their procedure?

Someone doing what you want to do?

What can I learn from them and do it too?

Simply put -how the mind/body/language interaction impacts our behaviour.

Ultimately, NLP asks:

What result do I want?

Why don't I have it now?

Who has achieved what I want to achieve?

How can I get that result?

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become a coach

The Decision to Become a Coach

January 10, 20245 min read

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” - Oprah Winfrey -


Embarking on the journey to become a coach is a profound decision, one that involves self-discovery, passion, and a commitment to personal growth.

As an expert trainer and coach, I understand the weight that this decision carries and the transformative power it holds for individuals seeking a fulfilling career change.

8 Reasons

In this blog, I delve into the intricacies of "The Decision to Become a Coach," offering insights and guidance for aspiring coaches during this pivotal moment of personal reflection

1. Unearthing the Passion Within

Before one can embark on the path of coaching, it is essential to delve into the core of their passions. Coaching is not just a profession; it's a calling that aligns with your deepest values and desires. Reflect on the aspects of your life that energize and fulfill you. What topics or activities evoke a sense of purpose? By identifying your passions, you lay the foundation for a coaching journey that is not only rewarding for your clients but also deeply satisfying for yourself.

2. Addressing Doubts and Fears

The decision to become a coach often comes with a host of doubts and fears. Am I qualified enough? Can I make a living as a coach? What if I fail? It's crucial to acknowledge these apprehensions and address them with compassion. Reflect on past accomplishments, recognize your strengths, and understand that the journey to becoming a coach is a continuous learning process. By embracing the unknown and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, you empower yourself to navigate the uncertainties that accompany a career transition.

3. Embracing a Growth Mindset

Coaching is inherently tied to personal and professional development. As you reflect on the decision to become a coach, cultivate a growth mindset. Understand that every experience, success, and setback contributes to your evolution as a coach. Embrace a mindset that views challenges as opportunities to refine your skills and enhance your impact. This positive outlook not only fuels your own growth but also becomes a powerful asset in supporting your future clients on their transformative journeys.

4. Aligning Values with Coaching Niches

One of the beautiful aspects of coaching is the diversity of niches and specializations available. Take the time to explore and align your values with potential coaching niches. Whether it's life coaching, career coaching, or wellness coaching, find a niche that resonates with your passions and allows you to make a meaningful impact. This alignment not only enhances your effectiveness as a coach but also creates a sense of authenticity that clients are naturally drawn to.

5. Building a Support System

The decision to become a coach is not one that has to be made in isolation. Building a strong support system is integral to your success. Seek guidance from experienced coaches, connect with like-minded individuals, and surround yourself with a community that understands and supports your journey. The insights and encouragement from others who have walked a similar path can be invaluable as you navigate the nuances of transitioning to a coaching career.

Conclusion: A Journey of Self-Discovery

In concluding this personal reflection on the decision to become a coach, remember that this journey is as much about self-discovery as it is about guiding others. By embracing your passions, addressing doubts, fostering a growth mindset, aligning with your values, and building a support system, you set the stage for a fulfilling and impactful coaching career. The decision to become a coach is not just a professional choice; it's a transformative journey that unfolds as you continue to learn, evolve, and inspire positive change in the lives of others.

Other resources to help you get started with coaching

The Aspiring Coaches Checklist:

As you embark on the transformative journey of becoming a coach, use this comprehensive checklist to guide your steps and ensure you're well-prepared for the rewarding path ahead:

  • Reflect and write out the activities and topics that bring you joy and fulfilment.

  • Identify areas where you naturally excel and list out when you have felt a deep sense of purpose.

  • What apprehensions do you have? Write them out to bring them to your awareness.

  • Remind yourself of past accomplishments and strengths - list them out and allow them to boost your confidence.

  • Embrace and welcome challenges as opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • View setbacks as valuable learning experiences on your coaching journey. Make notes on them and write what you have learnt from each experience.

  • Research different coaching niches and specialties. Which ones appeal to you and why?

  • Align your values and interests with potential niches to find your authentic coaching voice.

  • Connect with experienced coaches for guidance and insights. Join groups and networks.

  • Establish a network of like-minded individuals who understand and support your career transition. AND be careful on who you tell your dreams to. Not everyone will understand them.

  • Create a detailed roadmap outlining specific goals and milestones for your coaching journey.

  • Set realistic timelines for acquiring certifications and launching your coaching practice.

  • Cultivate optimism and a positive outlook on your coaching career by focusing on what you want - NOT on what you don't want.

  • Embrace the unknown with enthusiasm, knowing that each step contributes to your growth.

  • Identify relevant training programs and certifications that give you the necessary skills to coach at a high level - such as the NLP Practitioner Certification.

  • Stay committed to continuous learning to refine your coaching skills by planning your professional development.

  • Share your passion, values, and expertise to attract potential clients and collaborators.

  • As you gain experience, collect testimonials from clients to build credibility.

  • Share testimonials to showcase the impact of your coaching services.

  • Prioritise your well-being and schedule time to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

  • Regularly assess your progress and adjust your goals and strategies as needed.

By systematically checking off each item on this list, you'll equip yourself with the tools and mindset needed for a successful transition into the fulfilling world of coaching.

For support on your journey and to be amongst likeminded aspiring coaches, join my private Facebook group where I share tips and trainings to help you succeed! Here's the link to join (don't forget to answer the questions to join)

Remember, your journey is unique, and each step you take contributes to your growth as a coach and a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. Embrace the process, and enjoy the rewarding adventure ahead!

Good luck and have fun on your journey.



With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

Pam Reid

With a degree in Psychology and now as an NLP Master Coach and Trainer, Pam is here to help clients quit their 9-5 and live the life they have always dreamed of.

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